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About the brand

Discover Aramco’s brand evolution in the video below
The guidance on this brand portal will empower you to activate the brand effectively. We outline the strategic foundation of our brand and introduce the elements we use to visually express our personality.


The statement that captures the spirit of our brand positioning, and what Saudi Aramco stands for. This is not a tagline or slogan.

Bringing energy to life

Brand purpose

Our purpose statement encapsulates what we believe and what we’re here to achieve.

Energizing people and ideas to create ever more opportunity.

Our manifesto

  • navigate_next In our world, energy is opportunity.
  • navigate_next From managing the world’s largest crude oil reserves to developing high-value petrochemical products, our contributions across the value chain help develop a vibrant energy sector at home and create stability and opportunity for people across the globe.
  • navigate_next We energize the world economy.
  • navigate_next We energize people to make a difference.
  • navigate_next We energize the ideas that make our resources more dependable, more sustainable, and more useful.
  • navigate_next Driven by our values and our pioneering mind-set, we are a true enabler.
  • navigate_next Trusted for our reliability, respected for our long-term judgment, and valued for the expertise and ingenuity of our people.
  • navigate_next We bring energy to life.

Brand personality

These are the associations we want to convey. These attributes don’t replace our corporate values. They should be demonstrated in what we say and in how we act.


Applying our leading know-how from production to performance.


Determined to succeed for our stakeholders and customers.


Respected for our reliability, judgment, and long-term vision.


Stimulating growth through our agility, ingenuity, and innovation.


We use our visual system to express our energy through brand elements, each one forming part of our brand’s look and feel.